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25 Examples of Shopping Cart Price Rules

Magento 2's Shopping Cart Price Rules are a very powerful tool to create targeted promotions, increase average order value, and engagement online! With the ability to customize a variety of rules for your eCommerce store, you can impress customers while boosting sales!

In this eBook we cover 25 Real World Examples of Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules to help you implement sale campagins for your site. 

Download the Examples!

What's Inside?

Inside you’ll find price rule examples of:

  • $15 Off Product Price
  • Free Shipping for Any Order, With Coupon Code
  • 25% Off All Items Over $200 in a Specific Category
  • Buy Three, Get One FREE
  • 20% OFF Certain SKUs
  • 20% OFF First Order, With Coupon Code
  • And more!
Magento 2 Shopping Cart Price Rules
Magento 2 and Demac Media

Spend your customers a coupon for a discount on a specific product.


Offer free shipping to purchases over a specific amount. 

Magento 2 Demac Media

Schedule BOGO-type promotions. 

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